The Three Ways To Live The Christian Life

The Three Ways To Live The Christian Life

There are three ways to live out the Christian life. Zealous, complacent and lukewarm or the third way, absolutely surrendered to Jesus Christ, fixated on seeking him and daily dying to your self.


Living out our Christian life can sometimes be confusing. There are many attitudes, ways of thinking and perspectives that we can adopt. There are voices that try to jerk us around telling us how to live out the Christian life. Some are toxic and confused others are aligned with Jesus Christ.


Way 1) Have religious zeal by forever trying harder to please God. By trying harder and harder to dominate our circumstances, our position in life (and other Christians if necessary)… Way 1 living assumes to have Gods pleasure and approval. It’s essentially a ‘survival of the fittest’ mentality and you climb to the top of the food chain…with Gods help of course (lol). (hint … see all other religions on earth). Many 20 somethings Christians embrace this mentality … myself included. It is a great way to gather a crowd around yourself.


Way 2) Have a lukewarm/ lazy attitude, passively not caring and giving up on knowing and pleasing God. Just existing and being ok with being a loser and getting dominated. If its survival of the fittest you are ok with being down on the food chain. Many 40 something’s adopt this mentality reacting to times of difficulty, unfairness, frustration and failure.

Most Christians never realize there is a third option. We either progressively move from 1 to 2 or with great effort stay in the Way 1 line of thinking. But there is another, much better way.

Way 3) the option Jesus offers

The third and best way to live the Christian life is to surrender all our lives to Jesus Christ. The good parts and the bad parts, we die daily, we forsake ourselves and follow him, we let Jesus live his life through us by the spirit.

Jesus then gets to decide what we go through, all outcomes. All ministry ambitions are entirely by him, to him and through him, be they “losing” or “winning”, be they success or failure. He determines what we do day in day out. And we progressively learn to follow his life and voice within.

We let his attitude of constant seeking of His kingdom, his will being done on earth, meekness, surrender, ease, peace, rest and resurrection be our attitude. Way 3 Christians can be found in any age group, it’s not a natural phase we go through. Instead its a surrender and an independence from the control of man. Way 3 is a result of a person absolutely fixated on Jesus Christ alone.

Way 3 Christians seem to be exceedingly rare. Looking at a surface level Way 3 Christians sometimes look like 1 and other times like way 2 Christians. As they follow Jesus day in day out, they are misunderstood. But have an inner joy, a relaxed peace that outward success or failure cannot remove. They please the Lord within, they know him, hear him and allow him to live out his life as he desires. Way 3 Christians know how to keep focused and centered on him alone. Not carried about by winds of doctrine, they watch in pity as others get jerked around then demand they join in.

I’ve tried all 3… PICK 3, PICK 3, PICK 3

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