TGCW18: Day 1 Highlights
TGCW18: Day 1 Highlights

Were you unable to come to the 2018 TGC National Women’s Conference? A free simulcast is available at thanks to our friends at The Christian Standard Bible. Videos of the completed sessions are also available on that same page.

Here is some of what you missed from the first day.

Pre-conference: Loving The Most Vulnerable

How does the gospel shape our response to the most vulnerable ones around us: refugees, fatherless, widows? It’s a question that arises not just from Deuteronomy but from the whole Scriptures. It’s a question we followers of the Lord Jesus must answer, with our words and our lives. Biblical teaching and personal stories will call us to embody gospel-centered love for a needy world.

Loving the sojourner – Afshin Ziafat

Speaker bio: Afshin Ziafat is the pastor of Providence Church in Frisco, Texas. He helped launch Vertical Bible Study at Baylor University and regularly travels to the Middle East to train Iranian pastors. Afshin has an MDiv from Southwestern Seminary. He is married to Meredith, and they have two daughters.

TGCW18: Day 1 Highlights


“We love the sojourner, we love the outcast, because this is what God does. This is who He is.”

“We cannot applaud Christians who go overseas in our churches and then when the missions field comes to our backyard board up our windows.”

“If you are a Christian, before you are an American you are a citizen of the kingdom of God.”

Loving the fatherless – Tony Merida

Speaker bio: Tony Merida is the founding pastor of Imago Dei Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. Tony has an extensive itinerant ministry, and has written several books, including The Christ-Centered ExpositorOrdinaryOrphanology, and eight volumes in the Christ-Centered Exposition commentary series, of which he also serves as a general editor, along with Danny Akin and David Platt. He is happily married to Kimberly, and they have five adopted children.

TGCW18: Day 1 Highlights


“There are a lot of people who are charmed by the Bible but not changed by the Bible. . . The purpose of the Bible is to transform us.”

“James puts two things together that evangelicals love to separate: compassion and purity.”

“It is possible to be about public compassion and personal holiness.”

Loving the widow – K.A. Ellis

Speaker bio: K. A. Ellis writes and lectures on theology, human rights, and global religious freedom. She is president and co-founder of the Makazi Institute, which trains and equips the next generation of cultural analysts. She’s a PhD candidate in missiology at the Oxford Center for Mission Studies in England, and holds an MAR from Westminster Theological Seminary and an MFA from the Yale School of Drama. She has also been named the RTS Cannada Fellow for World Christianity.

TGCW18: Day 1 Highlights


“Until we are born again in Christ, we are spiritual widows.”

“The widow and the orphan are too significant in the kingdom of God just to be pitied. They are not to be pitied. They are to be empowered.”

“To encourage the widow is to love her. To empower the widow is to love her. To learn from the widow is to love her.”

Conference Plenaries

Plenary speakers will expound key passages from Deuteronomy, to help us take it in deeply and personally.

Session 1: A Faithful God and His unfaithful people – Mary Willson

Speaker bio: Mary Willson serves as director of women’s initiatives for The Gospel Coalition and is presently engaged in doctoral studies on the Old Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. She also holds an MDiv and ThM from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Alongside her academic work, she enjoys teaching and training others to teach the Scriptures, especially in the context of the local church. She has many nieces and nephews who make life all the more wonderful and rambunctious.

TGCW18: Day 1 Highlights

“God’s commandments are precious provisions of His grace.”

“God’s commandments are precious provisions of his grace rooted in his covenant promises”

“God doesn’t call His people despite their weakness, but because of it.”

[Coming Up Next] Session 2: Defining the Relationship – Jackie Hill Perry

Speaker bio: Jackie Hill Perry is a writer and artist whose work has been featured in The Washington TimesThe 700 ClubDesiring GodThe Gospel Coalition, and other publications. She is signed to Humble Beast Records and released her debut album, The Art of Joy, in 2014. At home she is wife to Preston and mommy to Eden.

Conference Photos

See these and other photos from #TGCW18 on Instagram.
TGCW18: Day 1 HighlightsTGCW18: Day 1 Highlights

Still to Come

Schedule of Events for Friday, June 15

8:30 AM – Session 3: The Greatest Commandment for Every Generation

10:30 AM -Session 4: The Greatest Commandment in a Pluralistic Age

1:30 PM – Workshops: Round 1

3:00 PM – Workshops: Round 2

4:30 PM – Workshops: Round 3

7:30 PM – Session 5: Open Wide Your Hand!

8:30 PM – Corporate Worship

Schedule of Events for Saturday, June 16

8:30 AM – Session 6: A Prophet Like Me

10:30 AM – Session 7: A Matter of Life and Death

TGCW18: Day 1 Highlights


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