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We are building a One Faithbook Campaign which involves the coming together and merging of all Faithbook/Christian Social Network websites and blogs and also merging all Faithbook/Christian Social Network’s Pages and groups on all social media websites, especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We hope by doing this, we would be able to unify all Christians via one Mega website which is

Faithbook is a Social Network Website which keeps you connected with fellow Christians from around the world and helps build your faith via its interactive features and contents.

Faithbook is an interdenominational Christian platform where Christians from all over the world can meet to chat, discuss and share general live experiences as related to their Christian faith as well as access Christian books audios, videos, music, sermons and other Christian contents that will help in building your faith. Learn more…

Here is a break down of exactly what we are doing:

1. For Faithbook and other Christian Social Network Websites and Blogs:

We want the owners and/or admins of all Faithbook websites and Christian Social Networks websites to contact us on how they can merge with us. All existing authors, editors, moderators and admins will take and continue their respective positions on The Mega Faithbook. While Owners of the respective websites will become Co-Founders with me the Founder/CEO on The Mega Faithbook.

2. For Faithbook and other Christian Social Network Pages and Groups on All Social Media Websites especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:

We want the pages and groups admins or account owners to contact us on how we will merge the pages and groups or accounts with ours to form a mega platform on those social media websites. All members will be merged and all moderators and admins will retain their respective positions on the new merged pages, groups or account.

In a case where merging can’t be done, the groups, pages or accounts will have to be renamed and/or the about us details and URL links will all point to The Mega Faithbook Websites and Faithbook Pages and Groups on all social media websites respectively.



Though we are all from different races, tribes, ethnic groups and countries but as we know as written in the scriptures, we are all one body in Christ Jesus. This unification will help us combine and utilize our resources more effectively, growing faster and better and reaching out to more people efficiently with the Good News which is the gospel of Christ Jesus.


Since we have one faith in God via Christ Jesus, lets us support this motion and move in every way possible to make Faithbook Social Network the home of all people who believe in God.

Please use the ‘share this’ links below to share this message/post to everyone you know on all social media platform, encouraging them to join us and support our campaign. You can always contact us here or email: [email protected] in case of anything. Thanks and God Bless You!!!

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