Billy Graham wrote many books. His last was on Heaven

Billy Graham wrote many books. His last was on Heaven

Billy Graham didn’t just take to TV, he authored many books from “The Secret of Happiness” to “Where I Am: Heaven, Eternity and Our Life Beyond.”


Just As I Am, Billy Graham’s 1997 best-selling autobiography, was one of his five best sellers among his 33 books and pamphlets of advice and inspiration.

It was reissued in July 2007 with revisions and a new afterword. Graham also wrote a syndicated newspaper column, “My Answer,” and, in 1957, launched Christianity Today magazine.


Graham’s other books include:

1947 — Calling Youth to Christ

1953 — I Saw Your Sons at War

1953 — Peace with God (more than 2 million copies sold in 38 languages), revised and expanded in 1984

1955 — Freedom From the Seven Deadly Sins; The Secret of Happiness, revised and expanded in 1985

1958 — Billy Graham Talks to Teen-agers  

1960 — My Answer; Billy Graham Answers Your Questions

1965 — World Aflame (made The New York Times and Time magazine best-seller lists)

1969 — The Challenge

1971 — The Jesus Generation

1975 — Angels: God’s Secret Agents (Publishers Weekly and The New York Times best-seller lists), revised and expanded in 1985

1977 — How to Be Born Again

1978 — The Holy Spirit

1981 — Till Armageddon

1983 — Approaching Hoofbeats: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (The New York Times best-seller list)

1984 — A Biblical Standard for Evangelists

1986 — Unto the Hills

1987 — Facing Death and the Life After (Christian Booksellers Association best-seller list)

1988 — Answers to Life’s Problems

1991 — Hope for the Troubled Heart

1992 — Storm Warning

2002 — Hope for Each Day

2003 — The Key to Personal Peace 

2005 — Living in God’s Love/The New York Crusade, a collection of his 2005 New York City crusade sermons 

2006 — The Journey: How to Live by Faith in an Uncertain World

2011 — Nearing Home: Life, Faith and Finishing Well (as told to his staff)

2012 — The Heaven Answer Book

2013 — The Reason for My Hope: Salvation

2015 —  Where I Am: Heaven, Eternity and Our Life Beyond

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