Faithbook keeps you connected with fellow Christians from around the world and helps build your faith via its interactive features and contents.

Faithbook is an interdenominational Christian platform where Christians from all over the world can meet to chat, discuss and share general live experiences as related to their Christian faith as well as access Christian books audios, videos, music, sermons and other Christian contents that will help in building your faith.

Faithbook is Free and will always be. However being a Christian organization with no external financial support, we would love your support via donations if possible, to help us reach out to more Christians and Converts, as well as to improve more on our services. You can click here if you are lead to and we will be glad to receive your support.


Connecting Christians world wide via our interactive and faith based platform.


To reach out to Christians all over the world via this platform, helping them in gaining and maintaining the free salvation offered by Jesus Christ on the cross of calvary.


  1. Evangel Ubaru — Founder/CEO of Faithbook Community Worldwide
  2. Promise Kanwai — Co-founder/Head of Social Media Advertising
  3. Nelkon Shuaibu — Co-founder/Head of Graphics developments


Faithbook Started off 21st of December 2013, when it was dedicated at Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry, Middle belt 14 Regional Head Quarters, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. The inspiration to build a social network connecting Christians came to me sometime in 2011 when i was having my daily devotion via the scripture i was reading – Acts 2:42-47. It talked about how the early Christians then, were always together in one holy communion, sharing everything they have and listening to the word of God that came via the Apostles, and we saw the effect, God added to their number as many as were been saved. Hence the idea of creating a website that could help achieve something close to that if not exactly, since the world has expanded as compared to then, were Christians from all over the world can come together to share in one unionism the fellowship of Christ.

In November 2017 Faithbook went down due to massive spammers and hackers attack, and our host then did not help matters, we lost the website contents and had to start all over again. It was a dark and difficult period then. On the 25th of December 2017, Faithbook was rebirth and that day is now celebrated every other year as the day of our rebirth as it coincides with the generally accepted day Jesus Christ was begotten into the world.

Please do help us in reaching out to as many people as possible via the ‘share this’ links at the bottom of this page and every other page that has contents worth sharing. And please DO NOT disable Ads using Ads Blocker on Faithbook as you get to financially support us indirectly. Thanks and God bless!!!

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